Friday, 14 June 2013

The International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club

On March 19th 2013, something beautiful was born, an intercontinental conception of epic proportions.
Two ladies wanted to combine the frequently overlapping fields of epistolography (that's a fancy word for letter-writing) and geekettedom to create a platform for geeky ladies to reach out to other geeky ladies around the world.
Ergo, IGGPPC came into being! 

It is stating the obvious to say that there has always been a large geek presence on the Internet. The Internet was made by geeks! Messageboards, forums, and chatrooms are all the online watering-holes of geeks, whether they be for TV, films, games, comics, or books. However, there was no real place for geeks to come together to simply discuss geekery in its many forms... no holds barred.

O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay! Along came IGGPPC, with its beautifully-designed website and lovely staff (I can personally testify that they are the loveliest of lovelies!). It runs like a machine oiled with the tears-of-happiness of geekettes everywhere: regular monthly bloggers, well-organised forum, slick pair-up and [if necessary] re-pair-up system, whilst still retaining the sense of a close-knit community with a homely feel.

Through the magical medium of Twitter, I stumbled upon the sign-up sheet for the club. I was intrigued, bemused, charmed, etc. All the sign-up sheet asked was Name/Age/Location, and Top 5 Geek Loves. Simple, yet effective! The elves worked their magic, and I was paired with a lady from Washington, USA, who shares all my geeky interests! It's wizardry, I tell you. Thus began my involvement into IGGPPC. I signed up to the ning, posted in the forum, searched the #IGGPPC hashtag on Twitter, applied to be a monthly guest blogger (and succeeded!), and made more friends with similar interests in the space of a month than I have in probably my whole life. I now have online chums in Canada, USA, France, Australia, and many other countries far and wide. There are geek girls in every corner of the world, and they are now connected through letters. Beautiful.

Most of us like tea, a lot of us own cats, but 100% of us are geeks. Geekhood is the glue that binds all 'Iggles' together. There's no accusations of being a 'fake geek' or a 'poser', no misogyny, no bitchiness, nothing unsavoury in the slightest. IGGPPC promotes acceptance, camaraderie, and pride in being a geek, and a girl! You'll find us on Twitter live-tweeting Game of Thrones with worrying speed, or on Facebook organising meet-ups at local conventions, or maybe... just maybe, you'll see us in real life, sneaking around the bookshop sliding an IGGPPC business card between copies of Neil Gaiman books.

If you see an Iggle, approach with open arms and preferably an extensive knowledge of the Tolkien legendarium. Talk to her about E3, Sherlock, Portal 2, or which Hogwarts House they're in. She'll probably tell you about her cat.

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