Thursday, 20 June 2013

Outfit ~ Summer Brights

We're all pushing through, for Summertime

Dress: Vintage, from Retro Rehab, Manchester, £12
Mac + Belt: both M&S, £20 and £6 respectively
Shoes: Next, £26


A sunny day? In England? You better believe it.
I was going into Manchester for a date, and was determined to wear summery clothes, as it is June after all!
I like to wear contrasting colours: the dress is blue and white stripes, the mac is a lemon yellow, and the dolly shoes are patent coral. Reminds me of a fruit smoothie.
This dress has that old softness that vintage dresses have, so comfy. Retro Rehab is a little treasure box of vintage dresses and accessories on the outskirts of Manchester's famous Northern Quarter, and has some great unique finds.
Yes, M&S is for old women (we all know it, even if they try to pretend they're not), but they do great macs! this one is showerproof so has a dewy shine, and the black buttons really pop. It's a nice statement piece, I think. I love a good mac, I have ones in burgundy, blue, cream, and this lemon one.
Aaaand the shoes seem very French to me, I think it's the low block heel. They're from Next's Extra Wide Fit range in a Size 9, because my feet are stupid and flat, which you can see on the photos. (no arch!) Comfy and chic, that's my thing.

I'm not a devout follower of fashion, which I know is basically blasphemy in the blogosphere, but I like to think I have my own style. My friends often see an item of clothing and say 'Oh that's very Helena'! I take pride in what I wear, all that matters is that I like it!

Expect more of my Nelpassy outfits, and a post on where to find stuff if you're awkwardly shaped like me, i.e. tall, big/wide feet.


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