Monday, 1 July 2013

Outfit ~ Prom 2013


Prom by nelpas

Wrap Midi Prom Dress: Topshop, £65, Size 10.
Glitzy Peep Toe Platfrom Shoes: Next, £36, Size 9 (Extra Wide Fit).
Gold Scallop Bead Clutch: NewLook, £19.99.
Pink Gold Almond Ring: NewLook, £3.99.
Metallic Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist Belt: ASOS, £6, Size M (Waist up to 30in).
Barry M Bold Waterproof Mascara [Black]: Boots, £6.19.
Kelly Brook Eyeliner Felt Pen [Black]: NewLook, £2.99.
Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish [in Rose Poudré]: Boots, £4.09
Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter [in Sugar Frosting]: Boots, £7.99.


As for my outfit, I had never bought a fancypants dress like this as I didn't go to my Year 11 prom. (thankfully, apparently it was rubbish. I was in the South of France!) After scouring my usual tall-girl places such as Next Tall, Newlook Tall, Topshop Tall and LongTallSally, I turned to getting a midi dress from the regular sections, as they are usually long enough for my gangly legs. 
I spotted this lovely dress from Topshop that really suited my style, it's floaty and feminine and not very revealing. It is made from Cupro, but looks like chiffon and appears more expensive than it actually is. As for the cut, it is loose everywhere apart from the waist, which I love, and has a deep V-back and a less deep one at the front, so it isn't completely cover-up. It has an oddly vintage style but is still stylish. Perfect! I ordered a 12 but it was too big, so I sent it back and got a 10, which is just right.
 I added the ASOS belt just to pull the waist in a little, as the ruches and extra fabric can add bulk at the waist.

Classic 'vacant stare because I don't want my photo taken' photo.

As for the accessories, the bag is so me, I adore the art deco detailing. Again, looks more expensive than it actually is, especially for Newlook. 
The ring is subtly chunky yet sleek, and goes well with the colour scheme. The shoes were a great find in Next's Extra Wide section. Low enough so that I don't bang my head on the ceiling, high enough so it stays fancy, and gold-glittery enough to be glitzy but not tacky! They're super comfy and suit the modest dress.
Onto make-up/hair! I have clear, pale skin, so for my face I just used my regular concealer under my eyes. Yup, that's it. Teehee. I prefer to focus on more interesting bits like eyes/lips. 
Revlon's Lipbutter feels great, and in Sugar Frosting is a lovely nude to match the dress. 
On my eyes I wore my waterproof mascara and a simple liquid liner cat-eye, for simple and sleek eyes. 
For nails, I opted for a nude/dusty pink shade from Maybelline, keepin' it chic. 
My hair had been cut and styled that day at the brilliant Mufti Hairdressers in Manchester, so I just left it.


Prom itself was so much fun, it was nice to see my year again, and to give out silly awards/take photos/drink wine/boogie on down.
My best friend Molly and I. I love her dress, and her great expression.

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