Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Outfit ~ Tartan

I do love Etsy.

This smock-type dress was £9.99! (Sorry for the horrid photo, I have no idea why that one turned out bad.) I've seen very similar ones in different colours in Topshop for ridiculous prices - why not pay less for one with more style and character?
It is far too big for me on the waist, but with one of my trusty waist belts it is fine (I nabbed this one from one of my other dresses).

There's SO much fabric in the skirt, I love it. And pockets! POCKETS! Delish.
It reaches to my lower calf, so would probably by a maxi dress on people who aren't 5'11".
It's floaty/sleeveless enough so it can be worn on rainy summer days (which is when I wore it) when it is stuffy and humid, but weighty enough to stay a tad warm.

Underneath my Dr Martens Darcie boots (apparently also owned by Taylor Momsen and one of The Saturdays...) are cream cable-knit socks from New Look.
It goes without saying that Dr Martens are comfy, but even their heeled shoes are. They're hardly recognisable as Docs, they look like Victorian/Granny boots. One of my many pairs of shoes that look vintage but aren't - score! (only down side - they make my feet look really long and thin, weird.)

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 'Pink Truffle'/Barry M Nail Paint in 'Raspberry'.
Both of those product names makes me hungry. Hm. Wouldn't naming beauty products be an awesome job?

I love how this dress looks aesthetically - sorta-pinafore, sorta-smock, vaguely-school-uniform-y, and really modest and demure. Nothing better than a reassuring neckline and a long swishy skirt. To me, anyway.

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