Monday, 2 September 2013

Outfit ~ Pastel Prep

Although my love affair with Etsy remains strong (see previous outfit post), I recently opened an eBay account to see what treasures lay there. 17 purchases later... Well, you can imagine. Being frugal as I am, all I have bought is either cheap vintage, or mega-reduced price brand clothes (such as New Look Wide Fit Shoes). On that note, exhibit A: this purple dress! It is actually this dress, which has RRP £50. Um, no. Topshop is MASSIVELY overcharging for all its products, hence why I never buy from there, but this is example just ridiculous. I admit, I like the dress, but it is in no way worth £50. It is made of scratchy polyester, the design is very simple, and the top part is sheer. However, I bought it on eBay for 99p. 99p! What a bargain. 

(I do love the pleats though.)

Due to the top being sheer, I paired it with this vintage ochre jumper I bought from Etsy for around £4. It's 80s style, with baggy upper arms and a nipped-in hem. It's a gorgeous colour, too.

I think the two colours go great together, and the collar of the dress over the jumper is so cute!

As for shoes, I recently ordered these nude pointed thick ankle strap heels from New Look, which were £19.99. I was umming and ahhing because they're not my usual style, and are very fashion-y (I see all the sheeple on wearing them aaaall the time), but then I saw they were in low stock, so I bought them! Soon after I did, they were sold out on the website. Good timing, eh? I was sceptical, but they are really comfortable and the heel is just the right height. They even make my wide feet like slender! Most people shouldn't wear ankle straps because it shortens your legs, but I definitely don't have that problem, ha. The material is a soft suede/canvas synthetic, which makes them really soft and feminine. Such a nice colour!

They match the chic-ness of the pleats and collar, no?

Another great eBay find was these vintage rings! One is of a pack of three, and is gold-toned with stone chips, and the other is a silver-toned one with ormer shell (Pāua in Maori) in the middle. I don't usually wear rings, but these are so interesting!

(Nail polish is Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish [in Rose Poudré], my ultimate favourite, a really nice nude pink.)

Anyway, I think this outfit is really cute, and such a bargain. Here's some more pics!

(No make-up, can't be bothered with it.)


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