About me

'Nelpas' has been my nickname since I was born, but nobody knows why and my family can't remember. Mysterious, eh?


I'm Helena Schofield and I live in a village bordering Manchester/Lancashire. I'm 17 and in September I'll be going to university to study French and Linguistics. 


I love books, mainly fantasy, gothic, and classics. I will probably die by being trapped under a falling bookcase, how poetic.

I write often. Stories, poems, articles... I prefer writing to speaking.

I like French Wartime Jazz, British Folk, Japanese Pop, and American Chiptune, but my iPod also has opera, rock, electronica, indie, everything under the sun.

I'm 5'11", with long arms, long legs, and big feet! I spend half my time hating it and half my time striding about triumphantly.

I love to bake cakes, and then slathering Nutella on those cakes. It's relaxing and I love to share sweet treats with my chums.

I speak fluent French and am an avid Francophile. I hope to move to France when I'm older as it's a crazy and beautiful place that I've visited many times.

I'm a geek. Honest! I don't look it from the outside, but I really am. Comics, Games, Films, Books, all of it! Top geek loves are Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Alan Moore, and Death Note.

I like ladybirds and sunflowers and lavender.

Anything vintage will make my heart soar. Most of my wardrobe is vintage dresses/skirts/blouses, but I also have vintage books and trinkets, and vintage games consoles.

I'm 3/4 rural and 1/4 urban. The forest and hills are right outside my door, and I enjoy the caf├ęs and shops of the city.

I like old-fashioned things like teapots, knee-length skirts, letter-writing, whilst enjoying the benefits of living in 2013. Isn't life great?

I'd describe my style as Parisienne Librarian Mori Girl. Because that TOTALLY makes sense.

I'm cheerful, silly, a bit weird, and old-fashioned. 

I'm also a Japanophile, I find Japanese history, food, fashion, music, and culture all really interesting. I've started to learn Japanese recently!

Canada is also somewhere I'd love to visit, it's Britishy and Frenchy!

Language is my thing. I'm that odd kid who likes grammar. I just think language is the best human phenomenon in existence, it makes me giddy inside.

What you can expect from this blog is posts about geeky things, my personal style, vintage, quirky places, and everything inbetween.